Life's too short to worry about coming up with the right text reply. That's why FINIT does all the hard work for you. With FinIt, replying is: FAST, EASY, DONE.

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Big Reasons to Love FINIT

personalized tab


FINIT tailors the responses to your individual communication style and topics of interest by allowing you to continually customize your conversation profile in the Settings

quick and easy tab

Quick and Easy

Once the user asks FINIT for help, they will receive 5-10 customized response suggestions in less than 30 seconds

ai tab

Artificial Intelligence

FINIT's use of AI to scan messages and generate responses allows for the user's conversations and information to remain private


Texting often gets a bad reptutation. People fear that the time we spend communicating with one another on mobile devices will diminish the authenticity and excitement of traditional human interaction. Fortunately, FINIT shows us that we can use technology to help us adjust to these fundamental changes in the way that we communicate. Hopefully, FINIT will remind us that communicating with each other can be meaningful and enjoyable as long as we see it as something special.

Sarah Barron

FinIt was created for a class project at Texas State University by Sarah Barron, Jacklyn Mann and Sierra Tyler. All three are students in the Digital Media Innovation program at Texas State University.