Creative Portfolio

Skills Showcased in My Portfolio

Graphic Design

Programs: Adobe InDesign, Canva

Media Planning

Brand Strategy and Social Media Analytics

Web Design

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and WordPress

Video Editing

Programs: Adobe Premiere, iMovie

Web Design

Demonstrates use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress and Bootstrap

Civics WordPress Site
Demonstrates ability to create and design website content using WordPress
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FinIt Prototype Site
Skills: designing a website that showcases an app prototype
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Magazine Mockup

Analytics Report

Skills: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

A 37-page magazine design mockup using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

Skills: Canva, Facebook Analytics

1-page Facebook Analytics report designed with Canva

Graphic Design

Demonstrates use of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Canva

Video Editing, Digital Strategy and Prototyping

Video Editing: Movie Genre Transformation Project

This project involved picking scenes from a movie of one genre and rearranging them to create a trailer of a different genre.

With Adobe Premiere, I edited and rearranged scenes from the comedy film "Horrible Bosses" to create a horror trailer. 


Social Media Strategy Presentation

In this project, I consolidated research about how B2B companies can create and maintain a strong social media presence. I provide detailed information about each platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and then offer suggestions for the company that are tailored to their business and brand.

IOS App Prototype: Adobe XD

For this project, I used Adobe XD to create a prototype of a mobile app. I demonstrate how the navigate through the app in a short video below

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